About Me

Hi everyone, and welcome to my Stomachnausea.com, “Keto Is The Cure,” Website. I have had prolonged stomach nausea for many years and have searched for a cure for a long time. Finally, I found a treatment that works for me, and I want to share it with you.

TomEveryone has stomach nausea once in a while, you can feel it if you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, but it isn’t prolonged; it goes away; my didn’t, for most of the time, it stayed with me night and day. Sometimes it was mild and other times, very harsh.

For years I was under lousy stress, which led to high blood pressure, which led to Kidney problems, which led to Stomach Nausea.

A Litte Bit Of A Story About Me

At an early age in life, in the middle ’20s, I’m now 67; I started my business career and owned my own business by the time I was 37. That’s when my medical problems started; prolonged bad stress was the problem.

I had horrible eating habits, always entertaining and drinking too much alcohol, not exercising, and smoking, all the time under continuous stress.

Eventually, this leads to Doctors and medications; some medications I’m still taking today.

The doctor first prescribed one pill for High Blood Pressure; after a while, a few years later, I was taking four pills connected to blood pressure.

High blood pressure led to Kidney problems, causing my creatinine levels to elevate, this in turn, later on in life, only a few years ago led to prolonged stomach nausea.

I tried many diets, prescribed by various doctors, and I could tell at times when I ate the right foods, my stomach nausea would subside, but it would not go away.

How I Solved My Problem

Only a short time ago, I stumbled onto a Doctor on the Internet that preached about a Keto Lifestyle, involved following a Ketogenic Diet.

All the previous diets I was on, I had to count calories, and I hated doing this; I was always hungry. So my first thought was to disregard this diet because of this reason.

But after watching a few videos narrated by a doctor who was an expert on the Keto Lifestyle, especially regarding high blood pressure and kidneys and the many other benefits, including nausea, I decided to try the Ketogenic Diet for a month.

Okay, like any diet, during start-up, your body is changing, and you are going to experience some side effects for a few days; I did, but it was worth it. A week later, my stomach nausea was gone, and I was starting to experience some of the other benefits of the Ketogenic Diet, like mental clarity, and I was certainly in a better mood.

I’ve been living the Keto lifestyle now for almost three months; during that time, I have lost 25 pounds without trying, I went from 235 to 210 pounds; I still have another 20 to go, but I’m not worried about it, my body will adjust itself accordingly. It just seems to come off a little at a time, and I haven’t been doing any exercise.

Another thing I didn’t do was count calories; I just ate the right proportions of good fats, protein, and carbohydrates during a specific time frame; I ate until I was full; it was easy. Now, I seldom have cravings for all the things I used to eat.

Now, please don’t kid yourself; you will go off the ketogenic way of eating at times while following this lifestyle change, but don’t worry about it; it’s easy to go back.

Holidays, Parties, Special Occasions

You might be living the Keto Lifestyle, but I guarantee you most of your family, and a lot of people you know are not. And you can’t ignore everyone so you can live this lifestyle; you can’t hide from everyone all the time.

Here’s a story for you:

After my first month on the Ketogenic Diet and feeling great, I had to go on a holiday to an all-inclusive resort. My first thought was when eating; I’ll have great choices; the buffet must have all the good fats, protein, and carbs. I need. Was I wrong? I tried to balance my food for a day: It was tough.

Okay, you’re standing back watching everyone eating all the foods you used to love eating, drinking all the drinks you used to love drinking, and socially enjoying themselves. What are you going to do? Stand back and watch! No, you’re not; you’re going to join in. I certainly did.

For eleven days, I ate and drank everything I wasn’t supposed to, but I had a great time socializing; my stomach nausea was back, but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe it was because of the previous thirty days on the Ketogenic Diet.

When I went home, my stomach nausea was bothering me again, but within a few days, I immediately went back to the Ketogenic Diet, and a few days later, my stomach nausea went away. Also, I only gained a few pounds while on my holiday.

Tom Hiking

Even in the last few months, I went out to various events where I had to eat the food; you have to be polite. And immediately, when I went home, I started to eat the Ketogenic way. It’s an effortless diet to go back and forth on.


I have learned, it’s never too late; it doesn’t matter how old you are; you can change your life, I have. I wish that I knew about the Ketogenic way of living years ago.

I have shared a little bit of my story with you; if you have any questions and wish to share a problem you are having, you can do so in the comment section on my posts. Don’t forget the Keto way of living offers many other benefits that I have not mentioned. Still, on my website, stomach nausea.com, “Keto Is The Cure,” I am going to have links and many videos from reputable doctors that will also talk about a problem you may have.

Wishing you the best

Founder of “Keto Is The Cure”