Best Way To Start The Keto Diet

I found as a beginner, the best way to start the Keto diet was first to find out what Keto means and what is a Ketogenic diet. After much thought and research, I realized Keto was going to be a lifestyle change for me, and the Ketogenic diet is eating the right foods that correlate to this change.

And by doing this, you prevent your insulin levels from spiking, taking care of the inflammation in your body, preventing illnesses like my stomach nausea.

Keto lifestyle

A Keto lifestyle is following a Ketogenic diet, but it’s not the type of food diet that we were bought up to believe in, where we eat less and count calories to lose weight.

It’s a diet of eating the right foods following a macro process where the menu consists of approximately 70-80 percent goodMacros To Follow nutritional fats, 15-25 percent protein, and 5 percent or fewer carbohydrates.

I do not Count Calories 

I do not count calories; I only try to follow the macro process mentioned above. And when I eat, I eat until I’m full; I never say to myself that I’ve overeaten.

I have always hated diets where you have to count every little calorie and still worry about portion control and overeating.

Picking a Time Frame to Eat

I like intermittent fasting, but I don’t do it all the time; if I feel hungry, I eat. My time frame to eat is between 12 noon and 7:00 p.m., a 7-hour window, and I usually eat my meals 2-3 hours apart.

I’ll have a large meal at noon and feed until I’m full; I’m typically hungry again between 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., so I’ll have a snack that usually fills me up until 5:00 p.m., then I’ll fill up again between 5:00 and 7:00. My next meal will be noon the following day.

What to Drink

I drink plain water, sparkling water(no calories), tea, and coffee. During the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 12 noon the next day, while I’m intermittent fasting, I drink water, Ketorade, tea, or coffee with plenty of whipping heavy cream. 

Here is the recipe for Ketorade if you’re wondering:

Put all these ingredients into a container of your choice; I like to use a preserve jar.Ketorade Recipe

  •  2 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar. 
  • 1/2 Tsp. Sodium-Free Salt (Basically all Potassium).
  •  1/2 Tsp. Sea Salt ( I use pure Himalayan Salt – the pink stuff).
  •  5 drops liquid Stevia (or whatever kind of Stevia you have – could be in a package). 
  • 1/2 lemon or lime.
  •  One bottle of Pelogrigio Sparkling Carbonated Water, 750ml. (If you like Perrier or soda, that’s fine as long as it’s 0 carbs.). 
  • Mix it with a metal or glass stir stick, or it will fizz over your container. 
  • I like to use a preserve jar because it holds precisely one bottle (750ml); you can seal it and put it in the fridge to keep fresh and cold.


Intermittent Fasting  

All intermittent fasting means is picking a continuous time frame when not to eat. I like doing this, but if, for example, I get up in the morning, it’s 8:00 a.m., and I’m supposed to fast until noon, but I feel hungry, I eat.

The last thing I will ever do is go hungry for any length of time; I will never again go on a diet that makes me do this. 

Most mornings, when fasting, all I need to drink is coffee and thick cream (usually, whipping cream, 35 percent); 2-3 cups before noon. I find that the cream and coffee take away any hunger cravings I might have.

Cookbook and Guide I like to Follow

The cookbook I follow not only has excellent recipes and illustrations, but it’s also a guideline explaining how Keto works and the avenues you should pursue; it’s practical and easy to understand. Also, it has a great shopping list showing many, many, more foods than I mentioned on my homepage. 

If your interested in this cookbook, the cookbook I still use today, and the cookbook I used when first starting the Keto way of living, then go to this link on my website; I wrote a review on this cookbook; it’s called “Simply Keto.” 

Favorite Breakfast Recipe in the Book – When I eat breakfast

Of course, you can eat this meal at lunch or supper; it doesn’t only have to be at breakfast.

I find that recipes don’t have to be exact; if I don’t have the right ingredients, I’ll substitute it with something else. Example: In the Biscuits and Gravy recipe below, I substituted 1/3 cup half-and-half for 1/3 cup whipping cream (35 percent).

I also guesstimate a lot when measuring; I’m hardly ever right on, but I”m close; saves in using extra dishes; I find everything still tastes excellent.

My Favorite – Biscuits and Gravy:

  • Ahead of time, I cook up some sausages; mild or hot, it doesn’t matter. I then chop up 2-3 of these sausages into small pieces, about 4 ounces. If I have any leftover sausages, I save them for later; I love cold or hot sausages with mustard.
  • Need 3 ounces of cream cheese, softened; I use the original Philidelphia. You can use any kind you want, but make sure it’s authentic (not processed with a bunch of garbage – nothing added).
  • Need 1/3 of a cup of thick cream, I use whipping cream (35 percent)
  • Need one large egg
  • Need one Tbsp. Blanched Almond Flour (proper measure)
  • Need one Tbsp. Coconut Flour (appropriate amount)
  • Need 1 Tbsp. Butter softened (put in microwave for 15 seconds on high to soften).
  • Need 1 Tsp. avocado oil (proper measure)
  • Need 1/4 Tsp. baking powder (appropriate amount)
  • Need a pinch of salt (not too much)

Put the cooked chopped sausage, cream cheese, and whipping cream in a frying pan and heat on medium until bubbling and hot.

Mix egg, almond flour, coconut flour, butter, avocado oil, baking powder, and salt in a mug until smooth; I use a fork. Put in microwave on high for one minute. When done, turn the mug upside down on a plate, and the biscuit will come out, then slice it into three pieces and leave on the plate.

Pour the hot gravy over the biscuits and eat; yummy. 


Mistakes People Make While On Keto

  • People don’t eat enough nutritional fat; don’t be scared of it; don’t fear saturated fat; it’s excellent for you on the Ketogenic diet.
  • People don’t eat enough salt and electrolytes. We have always thought too much salt is bad for you.
  • People snack too much in between meals. Try to eat bigger meals so your not craving snacks.
  • People compare their results with someone else. Why? All our bodies are structured differently, so why should my results be the same as yours.
  • People are always worried about portion sizes and calories. Don’t! When hungry, eat until your full.
  • People trust food Manufacturers labels. Don’t! Some people on Keto have a rule of thumb; if it has more than three ingredients, don’t buy it.
  • You don’t have to do this alone; there are many social media Keto groups that you can join.

What I Suggest

We all have to start somewhere, and this keto cookbook that I wrote a review on is an all-in-one, all-purpose, cookbook. It’s all you need to start a Keto lifestyle on the Ketogenic diet. 

It will answer most questions you have about Keto, what Keto is, how to start a Ketogenic diet, and what Macros are. Talks about Weight-loss, Weight-loss stalls, and related health topics; the book is an excellent guideline for the Keto Lifestyle.


Like anything else in life, if you want to achieve a worth-while goal, you have to work hard to reach that goal. Keto is no different; don’t forget, this might be a complete lifestyle change for you; it takes time to break old habits and revert to new ones. 

I first started the Ketogenic diet to see if it would clear up my prolonged stomach nausea, and it did. Since then, I have experienced the many, many, other benefits that Keto has to offer.

Some of these benefits include:

  • I automatically lose weight without even trying; I think my body is trying to return to normal, where it should be before I gained weight.
  • I have a lot more energy; I don’t feel lazy and sluggish any more; I feel like doing things.
  • I am thinking with more clarity, and my concentration has increased dramatically.
  • Physically, I feel great, even without doing any exercise.

This post was put together by me to show you what I did to find the best way to start the Keto Diet. As I continue to put this website together, I will show many videos from reputable Keto practicing, Medical Doctors.

Also, I will provide you with information regarding the many tools that will help you reach your goal. 

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I have had prolonged stomach nausea for many years and have searched for a cure for a long time. Finally, I found a treatment that works for me, and I want to share it with you.

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